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Passive Aggressive Ellipse Could Have Led To Divorce-Inducing Retort

Here’s what happened. My coworker shows me a new computer game he’s playing. And suddenly, I get the bug. The illness known as I-Wasted-My Bachelor-Days-Because-I-Got-Married-Too-Early-itis.

So I send my spouse an email and ask if she’d mind if I spent $60 and bought it. She replied, “Sure. If it’s something you really want…” Actually with the ellipse! Which clearly meant no.

So I replied and said, “Never mind. I’ll never have time to play it anyway.”

And that was that.

But what I should have said, to match her passive aggressive sarcasm was, “Thanks. I want it as much as you wanted our third kid…”

Because she didn’t want it, but I did. And that would have stung.